About Us

The Studio K staff takes production and technical skills one step further.  We
care about the finished product.  It is the combination of an excellent staff along
with the spirit of caring that makes Studio K a special experience.
Studio K is committed to excellence in audio production.  We are able to provide
a high level of quality at affordable prices.

Our staff is prepared to help you create the best sound and quality your project
deserves.  It takes a good arrangement, solid vocal, and instrumental
technique, and an expressive performance to create
a great sound.  Our engineers understand music.  They will work with
you to develop “your sound” and give “your message” the maximum impact.

We want to make your recording experience pleasant and fun.  We keep
it simple.  Our goal is to create the recording you want.  We can
accommodate you if you need instruments, a producer, or musicians.  

The Studio K staff is sensitive to your needs.  We will assist you with travel and
room arrangements to ensure that your visit is an enjoyable one.  Your actual
recording session will take place in a wonderfully intimate and comfortable
studio.  One of the finest equipped in the area.  Over 30 years of engineering
and producing experience combined with some of the best studio musicians in
gospel music today provide a recipe for a great record.